You are truly capable of anything and everything. 

You are divine magic in human form, and intention is your magic wand.

It is available to all of us. Wherever we are. Whoever we are.

There are no "muggles," only powerful sorcerers/sorceresses who haven't yet fully tapped into their innate gifts.

It all begins with intention... the core principal to a limitless life.


Transforms the mundane into the magical.

It alchemizes monotonous routine into conscious ritual.

It turns every moment into a cosmic dance of co-creation with the Universe.

Your intention opens up a portal into the infinite love, beauty, bliss and abundance of life.

It is a profound shift that aligns you with a limitless, multidimensional reality.


is a powerful online journey to master the art of intention and integrate it throughout the fabric of your life. 

You will learn how to infuse the macro and micro elements of intention into every aspect of life.

You will dive deep into the layers of its essence, far beyond the common surface level understanding.

You aren't just learning how to "set an intention." Yeah, that's part of it (which tbh you have probably already mastered), but we go much deeper.

You will weave intention into the fabric of your life through ceremony and subtlety.

You will actively create an intentional roadmap to align with your dreams.

Illuminate is ultimately about fundamentally shifting the way in which you live in order to support your most authentic, liberated, fulfilled life.

Because when you master the core principal of intention, everything else you do becomes exponentially more powerful...

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I'll be teaching you how to embody the art of intention so that you can...

  • Connect with, align with, and move towards your dreams
  • Move through life with more clarity & purpose
  • Magnify the power & impact of your aligned actions
  • Take responsibility for your experience of life
  • Connect with your innate inner power, wisdom, and gifts
  • Open up to the infinite beauty, magic, and bliss of life
  • Design your most fulfilling, authentic, expansive life
  • Experience the fullness of this divine human life
  • Anchor + ground your huge visions and dreams into the material world
  • Move through each day consciously co-creating with the universe
  • Begin embodying and receiving your deepest heart desires
  • Feel more present & grounded each day
  • Support your physical, emotional, mental, and energetic health
  • Connect with your highest Self, intuition, God/Source/Spirit/Love/Universe



The teachings inside are an integral part of my entire life. They are a key foundation to everything I do/be. They are at the root of the beautiful life I have co-created with source. And I want to support + empower you to create the life of your dreams. I'm opening this course because I believe in the teachings so fully, that I can't NOT share them.


The course is broken up into three modules. There are 3 x 90-minute recorded teaching videos to dive into the modules, along with 15 total "soul assignments." These consist of different practices, rituals, meditations, inner journeys, and action steps that support you in integrating the teachings. Throughout the modules, we will move from the macro elements of living the art of intention down to the micro elements. Along the way, you will actively create an intentional roadmap to align with your dreams. There is also a powerful closing ceremony to complete and celebrate the journey. You have lifetime access to this entire course. This course was originally taught live over 15 days, with a new teaching/soul assignment posted each day. Now that it is a self-led course, feel free to follow the same structure or move through it in your own timing. 

Module 1: Claim your Vision (The Macro) The what + why

Module 2: Choose Intentionally (The Mezzo) The strategy

Module 3: Cultivate Intention (The Micro) The energetics + how

When you master the core principal of intention, everything else you do becomes exponentially more powerful...


If you have been doing allll the things but aren’t getting the results you desire, intention may be your missing ingredient.

Intention is the secret sauce.

Intention takes your aligned actions and gives them the direction and power to make a huge impact.

Without it, the things you do may seem to fall flat. Or they may even move you in a direction you don’t actually wanna go in.

The truth is, how you do something is more important than what you do.

Your intention is the magic, your action is the amplifier.

You could take a million different action steps coming from a frazzled place of force + “should,” just trying to check all the things off your to-do list, and get way less results than taking ONE single action step from a crystal clear + intentional place.

Because acting without intention is like shooting an arrow without aiming.

Yeah you can cross your fingers and aimlessly shoot a million different arrows, and one of them will probably hit the target at some point.

But why not make it wayyy easier (and more enjoyable) for yourself by taking a moment to aim and then hit the bullseye in your first shot?

That is where the art of intention comes in.


  • You're tired of being swept around by the waves of life and you're ready to create your own waves 
  • You're tired of the yo-yo effect. Big motivation and inspiration at the beginning of the year, but as the months go by your visions get pushed to the back burner as the rest your life takes center stage. You desire to learn how to sustain this energy throughout the year in a more integrated way.
  • You feel unclear about your direction in life OR you feel clear and desire to leap forward
  • You know there must be more to life OR you've been asking yourself, "Is this is all there is?" 
  • You've been doing allll the things, but wonder why you haven't experienced the results you desire 
  • You've dabbled with incorporating intention in your life, but it hasn't radically transformed your reality
  • You're ready to embody the work in micro and macro ways throughout your life, instead of just setting an intention every now and then without seeing much transformation
  • You desire to move through life with more presence, clarity, and purpose
  • You want to tap into the magic within + around you
  • You desire to experience more beauty and bliss in daily life
  • You want to deepen your connection with the universe
  • You desire accountability and support with a loving community


  1. You sign up.
  2. You get a welcome email.
  3. You have immediate access to the entire course.
  4. You will have access to all of the material forever.


Is this a live course?

No. Although this course was originally a live course, it is now completely self-led. You immediately have access to all of the material.

How long is the course?

The course was originally held as a 15-day experience. However, now you can go through the material in your own time. 

Will I have the content forever?


Is there a payment plan available?

Yes, there is a two month payment plan available. 

Do you offer refunds?

I do not.

Ready to enter the portal?

Illuminate is for you if you're ready to activate your magic as the creator of your life and open up to the infinite potentiality within + around you.


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