Join us on this journey into your purse (or whatever you use to carry your 💸), your prosperity, and your personal power!

This workshop contains a pre-recorded 90 minute masterclass video plus a workbook full of journal prompts and a detailed guide for your own purse + wallet clearing ceremony.


⭐️ Learn how your purse + wallet reflects and affects your relationship with money

⭐️ Explore & deepen your relationship with money

⭐️ Bring awareness to your beliefs / mindsets / programming / narratives / emotions around money and begin to lovingly release those that don’t support your highest financial empowerment

⭐️ Physically and energetically clear your wallet + purse to make space to receive more abundance

⭐️ Create an energetic template in your purse + wallet for more financial empowerment and prosperity


Ansley Emerson is a coach, Space Alchemist, and artist who has been deeply active in the spiritual & self-development realm for 7+ years.

Ansley is an expert in the interconnectedness of our inner and outer worlds— how the energetic, spiritual, and material realms are completely intertwined. She deeply understands the relationship between our innermost self, body, home, and life— how they powerfully reflect and affect one another.

Ansley’s mission is to support people to create their most authentically fulfilling + free lives - from the spiritual to the material.

Along with supporting people to intentionally integrate and transform their internal + external space, Ansley also supports heart-led women to bring their soul gifts into the world and expand their business offerings + services

She has the gifts to see her clients’ highest potential and guide them back to their inner wisdom + power. She identifies exactly what needs to be worked through and cleared so that her clients can step into their most empowered, authentic, liberated selves and lives.  

Ansley is formally certified as an Integrative Holistic Health Coach (IIN HCTP) and Certified Clutter Coach (Linn Method for Clutter Clearing™). She graduated from the University of Arizona with a Bachelors of Fine Arts with an emphasis in Design. She is an experienced practitioner in the fields of yoga, meditation, breathwork, energy clearing, human design and Feng Shui. She has studied under numerous teachers to infuse her offerings with spiritual, metaphysical, and practical tools. She consistently continues to expand and deepen her practices and expertise— as she believes this work is a lifelong journey.

Ansley's most extensive training is from her life experiences. Her own inner & outer journeys, challenges, travels, experimentations, explorations, healing, and transformations have deeply inspired and informed her coaching practice.

In western astrology she is a Taurus sun, Leo moon, and Aquarius rising. In human design she is a 1/3 Manifestor with emotional authority.

I am truly here to initiate you into your most authentic and empowered self so that you can live your most fulfilled and free life. I would love to walk this journey alongside you.